Viola Nicholson is a beauty and fashion industry innovator, entrepreneur and mother.  She grew up surrounded by beautiful women and well-dressed men and developed an early passion for fashion and makeup.

Growing up on the south side of Chicago as the eighth of nine children, Viola feels very blessed to have come from a strong, supportive and loving family.  As a little girl her parents never left the house without being well-groomed and impeccably dressed, whether they were taking the children to school, church or family outings.  To this very day her mother is every bit the diva and will not tolerate any excuses for lacking in her appearance.  Her mother is full of courage and wisdom that inspires Viola each day.

Viola got her professional start in makeup at the age of 21 as a fashion and print model.  She had her mother’s makeup bag along on every shoot.  At that time, makeup artists were not always skilled on the best ways to highlight the skin tones of women of color, so she always had to apply her own makeup.  A photographer noticed her skills and suggested she pursue becoming a makeup artist professionally.  With Viola’s warm personality and fabulous style, she has grown her reputation and now has a large clientele.

Viola has worked for Fashion Fair, Estee Lauder, Prescriptives, MAC, Christian Dior and Bobbi Brown and also freelanced throughout her career.  She owes a special thanks to Reggie Wells (A Day of Beauty with Reggie Wells) for allowing her to share her vision on what the cosmetics industry is missing.  Viola would also like to thank her mentor, Sam Fine (A Fine Day of Beauty with Sam Fine).  He took the time to educate her and invited her to his seminar in Atlanta.  She worked with her mentors to create events for all to enjoy.  Viola wants everyone to be inspired and pursue their goals.  With this in mind, she developed her own line of cosmetic brushes called Brushes by Viola.

No matter what your walk in life may be, from a public figure to a stay-at-home mom, Viola’s goal in life is to always bring out the best in you.  Viola is currently working on developing a nonprofit group for mentoring male youths and would like to continue to inspire up and coming makeup artists.

Courtesy of Charles Singleton